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Warning: virus outbreak in Derby – but it's all in the name of fun!


An escape room business in Derby’s Cathedral Quarter is to expand by adding a second puzzle room.
The Escape Room Guys first opened for business just over a year ago after taking space on the first floor of 1-5 Iron Gate.
For the past 12 months, the business, founded by life-long friends Jon Saville and Adam Hinchley, has had just one puzzle room called A Rough Trade.
But next month they are poised to launch a second room after gaining planning permission from Derby City Council to redevelop the remaining space on the first floor.
The Escape Room Guys’ original room, A Rough Trade, challenges teams of players to “break into the office of the chief executive officer of a scandalous company to retrieve the facts that are needed to bring the company to justice”.
They must complete the challenge – which involves locating five diamonds – in an hour.

The Escape Room Guys have been given the green light to create a second puzzle room
According to Mr Saville, the new puzzle room will centre around a virus outbreak at a military laboratory – with players having to locate five vaccines before time runs out.
He said: “We’re delighted that we have got the go-ahead to open second puzzle room.
“We’ve had a great first year – so much so that Adam and myself have now left our respective jobs and gone full-time with it.
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“We’re now starting work on the new room, which we hope to have open for business by mid-January.
“But completing the room is just part of the process. We have devised the puzzle but we need to test it again and again to ensure that it flows well and that there are no flaws.

The Escape Room Guys has been trading in Derby for just over a year
“So, we’ll be testing it thoroughly before allowing customers to have a go.”
Jon and Adam got the bug to start their own escape room business after visiting one in Manchester.
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He said: “Puzzle room businesses have really taken off in a big way and the demand from the public shows no sign of letting up.
“Of course, earlier this year, The Crystal Maze returned to our television screens, which provided a further boost.

Jon and Adam have started work on creating their new puzzle room
“Indeed, only the other week we had a group turn up who had dressed up in Crystal Maze boiler suits.
“By dressing up they’d put a lot of pressure on themselves to get out of the room before time ran out – but thankfully they managed it!”
The Escape Rooms Guys is not the only escape room business in Derby. There are three others: Make Your Escape, Unescapable and Escape Game Over.

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The first to open in the city was Make Your Escape, which this summer was ranked as one of the best in the country by a leading blogger.
The Osmaston Road firm’s Spellbound game beat off competition from 128 other businesses in the UK to be ranked in the top three games of its kind by the blogsite called Brit of an Escape Habit.
The game is based on the true story of two hat-makers from Derbyshire who were accused of witchcraft and executed in Derby, and are now buried at St Peter’s Church.
Source: Derby Telegraph