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Want to eat chocolate without the guilt? This Derbyshire firm has the answer


A Derbyshire firm is hoping to achieve the sweet taste of success after coming with a range of “guilt free” chocolate bars
Raw Halo, based in Matlock, has come up with a range of organic chocolate bars, which are free from refined sugar, dairy, gluten and wheat.
According to the firm, its products are made from “raw chocolate”. It uses Peruvian cacao, the plant species from which cocoa – and chocolate – is derived. But unlike conventional chocolate, the cacao beans are not roasted.
Instead, through careful temperature control and minimal processing, the raw chocolate is minimally processed to retain the nutrients of the original cacao beans.
Keeping the chocolate raw ensures the cacao retains its high levels of antioxidants, magnesium and iron, maximising its nutritional benefits.

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Feeling a bit peckish or thirsty?

To sweeten the chocolate, Raw Halo researched various natural alternative sweeteners. Its products contain organic coconut sugar and lucuma (an exotic fruit from Peru), which the firm says gives a “sweet and subtle” caramel taste.
As a result, its products contain half the sugar of comparable brands.

The business has come up with a range of flavours using natural ingredients
Its range has already enjoyed success. In 2015, the firm was a three-time winner at the Great Taste Awards. Its products have also been approved by the Vegan Society.
As well as being sold through its own website, Raw Halo’s products are stocked by Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Harrods, Not on the High Street and As Nature Intended, as well as delis, health food stores and cafes nationwide.
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Weighing 35g and costing £2.79 each, its range of bars include a number of dark chocolate confections, with flavours including mint, orange, lemon, ginger and pecan.
Now, the firm is growing its range of products. This month, the firm started offering some of its best-selling products as 70g bars (priced £3.99), as well as launching “celebration” boxes in time for the Christmas market.

Jonathan Chapman and Meg Haggar have big ambitions for Raw Halo
The firm, in Lumsdale Road, was founded in 2015 by Meg Haggar after she gave up eating refined sugar in 2012.
The 28-year-old’s inspiration for the business came from her own personal search to find a chocolate product that was not loaded with additives or sugar substitutes.
She has since been joined in the business by her boyfriend Jonathan Chapman, who is an expert in e-commerce.
Meg, who gave up her career in corporate human resources to start the business, said: “I was inspired by my passion for eating well and my love of chocolate. That’s where the idea for Raw Halo came from.

The company has recently launched a range of gift sets
“I wanted to create luxurious chocolate with even fewer natural sweeteners and additives than other leading raw chocolate brands.
“We launched the brand in 2015 after a year of research. We strive to push raw chocolate to a new level in terms of taste, quality and ingredients – all without having to sacrifice on flavour.”
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According to Meg, who studied HR management at the University of Derby, her aim is to make Raw Halo the world’s best-loved luxury raw chocolate brand.
She said: “The brand is now stocked in over 250 locations, in prestigious stores such as Wholefoods, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended, Harrods, Magasin du Nord, and many independent stockists across 20 countries.
“2017 is set to be an even better year with the launch of three new 70g bars, nine new celebration sets and many more exciting stockists and collaborations soon to be announced.”
Source: Derby Telegraph