Home news Rolls-Royce planning to bulldoze more buildings at its Derby site

Rolls-Royce planning to bulldoze more buildings at its Derby site


Engineering giant Rolls-Royce has applied to demolish more redundant buildings at its civil aerospace site in Derby.
The firm has lodged an application with Derby City Council to pull down a combustion rig, a compressor house and pump house buildings at part of its Sinfin base known as ‘A Site’, in Victory Road.
At one time, the buildings, known as 56A, 56C and 58, were used in the development and testing of engines.
As well as pulling down the buildings, redundant service pipes and pressure vessels will also be removed.
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According to the planning documents the decision to demolish the buildings is part of a “rolling development programme” to modernise the site, which includes realigning Victory Road and constructing a new £90 million test bed.
Last month, the company was given the all-clear by the city council to demolish two buildings at its civil aerospace division – including one which is believed to have got its name because it resembles a liquorice allsort.

Rolls-Royce was recently given the all-clear to demolish the Bassett Block in Victory Road
The two buildings to be knocked down are called the Quantum Building and the Bassett Block.
The Bassett Block is a three-storey rectangular flat-roofed former office block.
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But Rolls-Royce staff gave it the “Bassett” nickname because they felt it resembled a liquorice allsort – and named it after Bertie Bassett, the mascot of the sweet’s manufacturer.
Plans to modernise the civil aerospace site were first announced by Rolls-Royce almost three years ago.

An artist’s impression of how the new test bed at Rolls-Royce’s Sinfin site will look
At the time, the firm said it planned to invest “significantly” to update its civil aerospace site – replacing ageing structures and building a brand new “aerospace campus”.
As part of the plans to update the site, the firm is currently realigning Victory Road so instead of cutting the Rolls-Royce site in two, it will run around the north-eastern edge of the site, connecting Merrill Way to Moor Lane.

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Work on the £7 million project is already underway and is due to be completed by summer 2018.
Once open, the existing stretch from Moor Lane to Wilmore Road will shut, paving the way for the new £100 million-plus campus.
The campus, which received outline planning permission for in 2015, will include the new test bed.
Source: Derby Telegraph