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Postcards show lost villages beneath Ladybower Reservoir


Rare postcards showing two lost villages that were submerged to make way for a reservoir are “going home” after being sold at auction.Ashopton and the neighbouring village of Derwent were both sacrificed in the 1940s to create Ladybower Reservoir in Derbyshire.Some descendants of the villagers of Ashopton now live in nearby Bamford.The collection has been bought by Bamford and District History Group for £310 and will be put on display.

Kathleen Hearnshaw, chair of the history group, was one of three phone bidders who battled to buy the collection.”I have never done anything like this before and I am so pleased,” she said.”We were excited about the prospect of buying the postcards but also anxious about securing them. Lots of people rang us offering donations to help the group buy them.”

They were collected over three decades by the seller, who wishes to remain anonymous.”Ashopton postcards were like gold dust because they were so rare,” she said.”I dealt in postcards myself in the early 1980s and liked to collect them because I was fascinated by the story of the village.”

Historical buildings, limestone cottages and entire communities were lost when the valley was flooded to serve the growing cities of Derby, Sheffield, Nottingham and Leicester with water.Charles Hanson, from auctioneers Hansons, said there was “strong opposition” to the move but the authorities insisted on going ahead, and construction of the dam got under way in 1901.”It was a slow and painful death for the villages as the reservoirs only began to fill up in 1943,” he said.”It’s hard to imagine the feelings of the inhabitants of the Derwent Valley as they watched the place they once called home enveloped in a watery grave.”

Source: Derby BBC