Home news Derby Christmas tree 'exclusion zone' was 'over cautious', council says

Derby Christmas tree 'exclusion zone' was 'over cautious', council says


A council has admitted it was “over cautious” when it installed a widely-ridiculed cordon around a Christmas tree for public safety.Derby City Council said it created the “exclusion zone” in Market Place to “enable people to view the tree at a safe distance”.People complained it was “a disgusting mess” and “not festive at all”.Most of the metal fencing has now been removed but a smaller barrier remains around the tree.

The council said in a statement: “As is the case every year, we review the risk assessments related to the city Christmas decorations based on current health and safety legislation.”On the basis of that review we decided to increase the security area around the tree.”However, following feedback from the public, we accept that we have been over cautious and are making alternative arrangements today ahead of the ice rink opening.”‘Cordon the forests’In response to the story about the cordon, Mel Greensmith tweeted: “Has the council got shares in the fence manufacturers? They seem to be everywhere! Maybe using the assembly rooms as fence storage.”But Paul Dunn tweeted in favour of it: “I bet the family of the drunk young man who climbed and fell to his death from the Alfreton Xmas tree in 90s wish safety measures had been in place,” he wrote.Frank Selby tweeted in reply: “By that rational [sic], we should cordon the coastline & forests as a safety measure.”
Source: Derby BBC