Home news Bird of prey 'attacked' man out jogging near Derby

Bird of prey 'attacked' man out jogging near Derby


A man has said a bird of prey caused two long cuts across his head during an attack while he was out jogging.Andy Llewellyn was running down Infinity Park Way, near Chellaston Medical Centre, Derby, on Tuesday when he felt an “almighty slap” on his head.He said his wound was treated by medical staff and he was given antibiotics.The RSPB said it was rare that a bird is so “aggressive” but it was likely to have been protecting its chicks.More on this and more stories from the East MidlandsMr Llewellyn said he didn’t see the bird but “heard the flapping of wings on my shoulder as it hit my head”.”I think I was a little bit dazed for a few moments. I put my hand on there and I had lots of blood,” he added.”I got home and went to the [NHS] walk-in centre and they said they had never seen anything like it.”It’s made me think a little bit more about the route I take… The ironic thing after the attack is that I did make my fastest time.”

An RSPB spokesman said it was not possible to say for certain what type of bird it was, but added that such aggressive behaviour was “rare”. He said: “While clearly a distressing incident for the person involved, this is not usual behaviour. “The jogger was in all probability running close to a nest, and as we are coming to the end of the breeding season when chicks are starting to fledge, the reaction of the bird was one of a protective parent.”
Source: Derby BBC